Friday, September 28, 2012

A change in direction

Have you ever had those times when life sends you on a tailspin? When the direction you think you were heading toward has changed and you’ve had to reprioritize things? Life hit the fan for us in August—a change in employment topped off with a new school year for the kids and more homework. All my plans to write more intensely were tossed out the window in a rush to find employment. God blessed me with two great jobs at BYU and UVU. Now I’m restructuring my life.
It’s funny how changes initially upset the balance of our life. I fought for nearly a month to wonder why I couldn’t tap into my creative juices and write. Obviously my available time decreased, but I’m a master at stuffing things into a limited time. I questioned my ability…had I run out of gas or hit a wall? Ironically, the answer hit me once I’d accepted the change. I was sleeping at night.
Sounds odd, but those minutes, sometimes an hour as I struggled to go to sleep each night was my muse time. I imagined the next chapter and couldn’t wait to see it blossom on the page. That technique helped me to sleep and brought to life multiple novels. Changing my schedule to accommodate my early course I teach at UVU meant less sleep. Rushing about wore me out. The two combined made for one exhausted gal and no reason to plot my next scene.
It’s sad, but a stage in life. I’ve acknowledged and accepted it. Besides, I’m young! I can write years down the road when the kids are gone and I need less sleep. You won’t find me complaining about old age…it’s the perfect time to write. So the moral...I'll post when I can...when inspriation flattens me and I ache to share it. In the meantime, love life and let love grow.