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I had the wonderful opportunity of pitching a senior editor at the LDS Storymakers Conference this past weekend. He is interested in Improbable Connection and has encouraged me to start revising my next novel. That's where each one of my readers comes in. I write specifically for the LDS market and have crafted seven more romance novels I've listed below. I would love to know the two you find most interesting.

Beacon on the Hill-- Megan Thomas isn't shy about sharing her LDS beliefs and culture, especially with the men's soccer team at University of North Carolina where her twin brother is one of the players. But the one secret she will keep is her prosthetic leg.

Princess Incognito-- After her best friend's drunk driving deaths, heir apparent, Prince of Orange, sends his rebellious daughter to a remote U.S. college to reshape her life. Finally granted her greatest wish to be seen as normal, 'Katrien' hopes to survive and find her niche in the world, both royal and not.

Friendly Tornado--Briton Starling's bubbly personality is infectious amidst the melancholy Connor household, also capturing the unwilling attention of the eldest engaged son, Todd.

Jane of All Trades--After a brutal attack, Jane is left with no recollection of who she is. For months she survives doing odd jobs, traveling across the globe, until her past catches up to her. Now she must rely on her wits and returning memory to stay alive.

San Francisco Bachelor--Todd Westbrook agrees to be the bachelor on this latest spin of the popular show, under specific conditions, landing an LDS girl, Alese, among the last girls standing.

It All Began With a Kiss--Always one step behind in her search for her thieving father, Carrie Brant believes her luck has finally turned until she meets a private investigator, Trent, on the same trail and must save his life with a kiss.

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  1. I like the San Francisco Bachelor best, closely followed by Jane of All Trades!

    However, you should pick the one that's closest to your heart!