My Writings

If I had to pin-point a time when stories started filling my head it would date back to college.  Then, as now, I would create romantic stories, of course I was usually the subject.  Now married and content with my own hero, I've enjoyed creating others.  Like most writers, sleep is either a challenge or not as necessary.  I'm like the first, yet creating stories as I drift off has proved my perfect solution. After a couple of years and a handful of novels under my belt but still on my computer I've decided to take the leap of faith, polish the stories and try to get published.

Here's my next novel, that is under consideration with an LDS publisher.

Brian Romano's fast-paced life of luxury in NYC ends after his is handed his newbornn daughter, Sophia, and then divorce papers. Resolved to do more than survive single partenthood, he reprioritizes his life, signs onto an LDS dating service applying his advertising skills to put a positive twist on his less than desireable profile: Divorced, recently reactivated, single father.

Four months ago, Andrea MacGregor hastily left her job as a tour guide in Europed to escape a stalker. Now isolated on Catalina Island renovating her grandfather's Victorian home into a B&B, her last priority is dating, until she receives a belated birthday gift--a year's paid membership to an LDS matchmaking site.

Improbable Connection puts a new spin on finding love as we watch our distance-challenged lovers wade through dating stereotypes and their pasts to win their perfect match.


  1. I like it! I got chills a couple times. I can't wait to read more.

  2. I am honored to be a critique of "Perception" and am enjoying a good read at the same time. Good going!

  3. Improbably Connection sounds great. I am all about the seaside, B&B's and babies. Sounds like a winner to me.

  4. You know I meant "Improbable".