Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Life is Not Fair

It’s our family motto—okay it’s mine.  We have the fortune, or misfortune to have ‘triplet’ girls.  At ages 8.8.7 we are in constant competition.  ‘She got to’ or ‘I want one too’ is commonly heard around our home.   So I make my kids repeat this phrase every time they want things to be even.  They moan, roll their eyes and say with lackluster, “Life is not Fair.”  If I didn’t worry about labeling our family problem for all to see I would have this phrase printed in large letter on our entry wall.
How true is it? We can never be the Jones, no matter how hard we try.  Our finances our different and honestly so are our tastes.  We may want that shiny speed boat, but we don’t have weekend’s free or a family of swimmers.  Our house may not be the size we desire, but what would we really do with all that space?  Okay, we would have elbow room, but who is to say we wouldn’t just fill it up with more doodads. We may love that new outfit our friend was wearing yesterday, but would the choice of color or style really look good on you?
So am I wrong for insisting upon this saying.  Is it too much of a reality check in their rosy life?  Maybe, maybe not.  If you were to visit our humble abode you might side with me.  The latest issues: 
·         But I wanted that dress, shirt, pant, etc.
·         It’s my turn to sit in that seat.
·         She got to wear that last time.
·         I want that toy too. (The one she got from a friend from I-don’t-know-where)
·         I want to lie down on the same couch too.
·         She got to pick _____ last time. (Fill-in-the-blank with movie, dinner, song, etc)
·         If she is sitting that way so can I (followed by a fight because they are touching)
Honestly, I get worn out with these petty demands.  Since when was life fair or even?  Must I always resort to charts—a rotating seating chart for the van, an assigned jacket color for the week and do I really have to record how wore what last.  Ugh.  LIFE IS NOT FAIR. 
Thus I push on, dreary and worn from the complaints.  Someday my children will realize that I was helping them.  One day when the phrase has finally sunk in they will move past envy and be strong on their own.  A mother can hope!


  1. I'm pretty sure this continues to adulthood--They make more money than me...She decorates better than I do...Why can't i be a great singer?
    Life isn't fair, but that's what makes it so interesting--if we all did the same stuff and had all the same stuff, there would be no variety.
    Life isn't fair is an important thing to learn for all of us!

  2. My teacher for my socialization class calls kids "justice police" because they are so concerned about stuff like that.

  3. Ahhh we have this problem a lot with our boys, glad to know I'm not alone.