Saturday, December 17, 2011

My Husband -- My Best Friend

     I suppose it may be uncommon to say that, but I’m grateful I can. It’s not as if we spend hours together shopping at the store or making crafts like I would do with a girlfriend. Instead he is that rock that I can lean on. We can do nothing but hang out with a movie and we both feel complete. He’s the first one I want to talk to and will listen when I go on and on. I could share more, but I’d rather not embarrass him. 

     I think the difference between a husband who’s a lover and one who’s your friend is that with the latter you get both. Those romantic moments are sweet and fulfilling, but when romance isn’t daily you don’t feel cheated.

     A best-friend-husband means you can coincide in life with practical harmony. There are no failed expectations because you are more likely to give than take. Your friends make be fickle and critical, but your BFH knows you better. That messy house is partly his fault and the kids are made from his genes too.

     The best part is that men aren’t catty. They grow use to your lack of flare, course you have forgiven them for their love handles. They don’t judge you based on what you have created; in fact they would probably be content with a house with fewer decorations.

     The trick I believe is starting with a BFH. Since my husband and I met online we were friends first and I appreciate that fact more and more. We didn’t have showy dates and awkward conversation; we got right to the core and grew closer in the process.

     I’m not a love guru, so I can’t say how to create the perfect BFH. Maybe its simplicity in our expectations, or being a team in every aspect.  Do you gravitate toward him? I find myself giddy just being by his side—content to have his arm around me. My greatest Christmas wish is for all women to have a BFH.


  1. Lovely tribute, Lydia.

    "That messy house is partly his fault and the kids are made from his genes too."

    Too right!

  2. You just gave him his best Christmas present ever. It's so reassuring to children, too, when they can see that their parents love each other. My husband and I were friends for eight years before we got married, and that's absolutely the best way to start an eternal relationship. Our kids are convinced we have "marital telepathy."

  3. What a great tribute to your marriage, if I ever get married. I too hope to marry someone I can call my BFH. :)