Saturday, November 26, 2011


I started this blog a few months ago as a fun outlet for the many thoughts rolling in my mind. Perhaps I'm crazy, but as a writer we wish for validation and acceptance, and then as the world of publishing is changing, we need more than a publisher and their team of marketers, we need others to already know our name.  I thought this contest would be a snazzy way to capture people's attention to my writing, share my perspective or my drivel. 

How you can get your name in the drawing for a fun reward:
1.  Becoming a follower (two entries)
2.  Comment on my posts, only once per post (for a total of six more entries)
3.  Refer my blog to other friends.  Put a comment on the post A New Beginning with the names of friends you told about me.  If they become a follower, or comment on a post I will give you two entries per friend.

I will be awarding three prizes to three different individuals whose names will be drawn from a hat randomly by my own personal Vanna.  Increase your odds, join in the fun.  After all, it's nearly Christmas and who doesn't want a free gift.

The Reward: A crocheted flower ring from ToCreateOrNot’s Etsy shop.

  You can select from the available rings or request a custom one of your own color.  Have fun and good luck!  Contest ends midnight of Dec 3rd.

And the winners are: Susan, Emily and Becca.  Thanks to all her participated.  Come back and check on occasion.  I'll keep posting my thoughts and reviews, sharing part of my life with you.


  1. What a fun contest. Good luck with that.

  2. Nice eye catching blog, easy to follow and unique prizes for the contest! Loving you book, by the way.
    Barbara b

  3. Great contest idea! I've posted it on my FB page and my blog to help get the word out to my friends:)

  4. Whoot! You had me at "snazzy"
    I am a follower...devout! :)

  5. It looks great and is fun to read! Thanks for including me. Emily Lindsey (: