Thursday, November 17, 2011

Shoe Fairy

A friend of ours tuned is into a great concept for getting your kids to bed…a shoe fairy.  Like the tooth fairy and others of their kind, Miss Shoe Fairy (Betty at our home) leaves goodies in the child’s left out shoe IF they get to bed at the assigned time.
Great concept…even worked a few times.  For a couple of days in a row our girls were rushing to get to bed and even quiet once we closed their door.  Little trinkets commonly found at dollar stores (since mother fairy doesn’t believe they need any more candy) were stashed in their shoes. 
After the first night, our middle child began leaving notes for our fairy.  The correspondence was great.  We learned our fairy’s name, how old she was (163) and what her friend’s names were.  Things were on a roll…then came the dreaded breaking of the glorious pattern—the weekend.  As parents we entered the slow down mode, kids in playtime mode and bedtime slipped us by.
Have I given up in this delicious idea…never!  As a determined mother, I will succeed with my fairy coalition behind me.  We will get to bed on time….I hope.


  1. Great idea! This should work well for my great nephews and nieces.
    Barbara b
    (also known as hopeless)