Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Absence makes the heart grow fonder?

The last five days, my husband has been out of town visiting a terminally ill relative. From his absence, my mind has pondered the meaning of the phrase, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” Certainly I missed my husband, yet in his absence we ate simple child friendly meals earlier and got to bed on time. Did I miss his presence or was there more?

As much as I missed his company in bed, what I yearn for most was his influence on our home. All of us are more jovial when he is around. He makes me relax more, smell the roses. I’m not run by a clock, instead I flow and smile. Our daughters laugh more. They have a playmate at the table and a companion to share goofy cartoons.

I suppose it reflects on his presence, but I would venture to change the saying to such—“Actions make the heart grow fonder”.  How often have you sat in the same room, completely content to go about your own duties? It isn’t your companion’s presence that completes you. What about when a love one dies? Do you mourn their absence over their actions? Would you be content to have their body in the room and say, now all is well?  I think not.

It’s their actions, the way they affect us and everything around us that we miss the most. We feel a void without their example, their kindness, and love. If this is true, then it presents a challenge—can we create an influence through our actions that will leave a mark, cause others to remember us tenderly? If so, forget leaving to insure that you won’t be forgotten. Complete an act of service and your deeds will be remembered far longer than your presence will be missed.

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