Thursday, April 26, 2012

Dates? Romantic torture or success

While writing my latest novel, I've .realized that I truly have no experience in the art of dating. Dinner and a movie hardly qualify as a true date (Sorry, sweetheart. It works now, but would have got you nowhere:)

My claim to three boyfriends seems contradictory since I found them at dances and then hung out for a few months until things fizzled (shocker, I know). My husband and I met online, courted through emails and only have a few dates prior to our wedding as the 1000 miles between us proved a hindrance.

So, dear readers, I'm interested in your dates...past or present, failures and successes. . No hanging out stories--I've mastered that! What made it successful, and what caused it to flop? I'd like reality to spin into my writing. Thanks.

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  1. Dating is a rung of purgatory. I'm glad I'll never have to do it again. Dating is supposed to be a winnowing process, sort of like going through a sale bin of old movies at WalMart--sorting out what appeals to you as opposed to what you're indifferent to. I once had a boyfriend who dumped me on a gorgeous moonlit night. Sort of took the charm out of moonlight. I had another boyfriend who told me how beautiful my hair was as I let it grow (to take part in a crowd scene in a play), and then later raved about how beautiful it was when I got all that awful old hair cut off. I have a built-in BS meter and the inability to remain silent when the emperor is naked, so I was never very good at playing the games. This is one of the reasons I think the best love stories are the ones between married people.