Thursday, May 10, 2012

Summer Scramble

As summer approaches, free time for mother of school age kids disappears. Those precious moments of shopping without requests, lunch of leftovers without picky eaters, and even nap time will never be the same. At least for three months. Of course, on the positive side the homework disappears as well.

I find myself dreading the last day of school and the beginning of “I’m bored” time. Fortunately, I have young kids who can be easily entertained with toys. Heaven forbid turning into a mom who shuffles kids from one arena to another just to keep them happy. Somehow, my moments of school time peace must be captured. Errands must be endured.

So for the past few months I have been working on THE PLAN. This process has been tested and so far it’s worked. INCENTIVE- I’ve posted all the fun activities--each individual toy to crafts mixed in with playdates and paid activities. Most don't require my presence.  DETERENT- I’ve pulled out the dreaded chore list and on the top is Clean Trash Cans (those with colorful stains and stuck-on unknowns at the bottom).  PROCESS- With a few reminders in the beginning when they state “I’m bored” to look at the list followed by the threat that more comments will mean cleaning garbage cans. So armed with my plan, I hope to succeed and squeeze out a few moments of mommy time.

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