Thursday, May 17, 2012

Regency Revival

I love the Regency Period, so heavily influenced by Jane Austen. The simplicity of life, manners abundant and moral nature has drawn me into its clutches. If I could find a worm hole to transport me back all present concerns would be dropped in an instance.

Since handed my first copy of Georgette Heyer as a means to surviving bed rest with my twins, I have been hooked. Unfortunately I’m a voracious reader and easily swallowed her books. In my search for similar content I have been sadly disappointed until recently. Four authors, all thought not all of them are new, have revived me. Each has a different style and approach, but all are equally delightful.

Julie Klassen’s writing is an encyclopedia of knowledge. Each novel delves into a different and not so common aspect of Regency England. Although deep in content, her characters are engaging. You are immersed in their trials. When you reach the final page, you can officially label yourself well educated.

Patricia Veryan takes us back a period to Georgian times, and allows us to see the events that  influence the Regency period. Her novels are characteristically in series and I highly suggest reading in order, not for content but to follow the characters lives. She is equally educating her readers and provides a delightful balance of romance and intrigue.

Sarah Eden brings a wonderful humor to Regency. She has captured the nuances and applied them in a comical and endearing manner. Her characters are easily loved and her wit makes each chapter come alive. Rather new to the collection of Regency, she adds the perfect balance of love, reality and laughter.

Heidi Ashworth has captured Heyer’s writing of the perfect battle of wills between the hero and heroine. The twists and turns incorporated in the story draw you in eager to resolve the latest quarrel and misunderstanding.

As I devour these authors’ treats, I will never stop my endless quest to read more about the perfect period. I hope you will discover these amazing authors and once again step back into a Regency.

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