Friday, May 25, 2012

Survive with Laughter

Life is difficult and love a challenge, so my recipe to survive and succeed in both is laughter. The process comes in many forms:

·         Chuckle—what may start as a sympathetic laugh can offer the chance to reflect on happiness
·         Snort—the perfect response when we’re tossed something ridiculous. It’s far better than a scoff
·         Guffaw—a challenge to life to throw us more, we can handle it.
·         Giggle—when we just encountered the most awkward or disastrous situation, a laugh of embarrassment rather than allowing tears to flow
·         Snicker—our reaction to other struggling, which should help us know we aren’t alone.

When life throws poop on us, I believe we need to choose laughter as our response. Standing straight or doubling over, let joy bubble up rather than despair bring us down. When love gives us the same challenge, can we respond to our differences with laughter? Perhaps find the humor in the ridiculousness of our battles?

Take my silly challenge and let laughter fill you up. Remember that you are not alone in life’s woes and a good laugh of any sort gives the best remedy.

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