Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Cold Justice Review/ Blog Tour

There are two things that make a book stand out—characters and plot. Can the characters wrap you into their struggles? Can you envision yourself beside them on their route to a triumphant conclusion? Kathi has done a wonderful job of with each of her characters. You easily cheer beside them as they unravel the mystery. Too often the story dips in the middle, lulling you to sleep, or ends far before the last page. Kathi wraps you into the story from beginning to last word. Not once do you want to put the book down or lose interest.

I was fortunate to meet Kathi Oram Peterson at an Author/Blogger Lunch and found her delightful. She has answered a few questions for us.

Lydia:  Where did the idea for this book come from?

Kathi: My editor actually asked if I could do a second book using the characters from River Whispers. So I thought about the characters in that book and decided part of Samuel's Alaskan past would become central to this second novel.  I was also able to tell more of Wakanda's story. Even though she is a secondary character, the life she'd led and her history was fun to use in this adventure. Plus, I loved really testing Regi, one of the main characters. I worked hard to make Cold Justice a stand alone book so people didn't feel they had to buy River Whispers to understand what was going on in story line.

Lydia: What research did you do to keep the events factual?

Kathi: Oh my stars. I did a ton of research. You should see my file. I had to research traveling to Alaska by boat and by plane, what would happen when crossing the border between Canada and the US. I also did extensive research into the different Native Alaskan tribes. I borrowed some customs from many and made a fictional clan. I had to research law enforcement in Alaska, what US Marshals would do, the FBI, and tribal counsels. As recent as 2011 there was a new law passed by Congress allowing the tribes to do a lot more self governing. And, of course, I had to study the weather. Alaska during February and March can be extremely cold, but it all depends on where you live in Alaska. There were other things I researched, but to tell it all I'd have to write another book.

Lydia:  What is your favorite part about writing a novel?

Kathi: My favorite part is once the rough draft is written going back and filling the book with color: adding more visuals, developing more characterization for each character that makes them ring true, and smoothing out the writing with intense editing. I know for some writers the fun part is creating the story. That's fun too, but for me it's going over the story and breathing life into it.

Lydia:  What is something unique your readers do not know about you?

Kathi: Hmm, I love going to good movies. I'm becoming more selective, but there's nothing like seeing story come to life on the big screen. I've written a screenplay of An Angel on Main Street. I don't know if it will ever be made, but I was lucky enough to see the book published, so it's possible.

For those who love to read mysteries and soak up knowledge about culture and geography at the same time, Cold Justice is the book for you. It’s captivating and cleverly written. Check out the following for ways to win and learn more.
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·  Return to Kathi’s blog each day this week and check out other review of Cold Justice, and a wonderful book trailer.
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  1. You're very kind and thoughtful. Thanks for the review. It was an honor to have my book featured on your blog.

  2. Great review! I'm very interested in reading both this and the River Whispers now!

  3. Thanks lydia for the review and your chat with Kathi, this series looks like it will be a winner , am anxious to read sam's story and see why he keeps missing his wedding. thanks for sharing.
    Paula O(kyflo130@yahoo.com)

  4. Great review! It's interesting to hear about all the research that has gone into creating this book!

  5. Hi Lydia!
    I don't know if you remember me but we met at the blogger/author luncheon at Covenant. I am currently hosting a blog tour for Terri Ferran's latest novel, Choosing Charity. I was wondering if you want to be part of the blog tour. If so, email me at lexie.bookbug@gmail.com (I lost your email address!)