Thursday, August 9, 2012

Relationship Time Outs

A night out a solution to bumps in your marriage? Hear me out...

Men and women are so different-we think differently, act differently and share few emotions.  Once you take out the sparks and romance you get strong contrasts. Now remove personality quirks that both genders share. What you are left with is a need for someone who understands you.

Out with your girlfriends or hanging in the man's cave, life becomes less complicated. You can talk (women) or not (men). You get all our gossip and grunts in, relate on such complicated levels (sports or fashion). Do the activities that suit you rather than compromising. Whine about your spouse...his laziness, her complaints...and then feel renewed.

The best part is coming home. You've vented and related and now you are back where you are cherished. You can dress you own style and keep your size without judging yourself.  Your physical prowess isn't tested. Away from comparisons, your love blossoms...until the next needed reminder. 

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